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JimmyScarves: Muna Plain - Pleated Ironless Shawl
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Type: High quality pleated shawl

Material: Heavy chiffon


Material : Pleated Heavy Chiffon

Size : After pleats (2.0m x 0.55m +/-)

Type of finishing : Fully Baby Seam

- High Quality Heavy Chiffon
- Opaque and breatheable
- Easy to drape and ironless
- Jimmyscarves Metal Tag attached
- Comes in 10 colors with individual box
- Small fine pleated
- Jimmyscarves Metal Tag attached


Care instructions:

1.How do i store Muna Pleats ?
Two ways to store your Muna Pleats is by rolling or hanging them to prevent folding creases

2.How do i wash Muna Pleats ?
We always recommend all of our products to be hand washed but at most if you don’t have the time or energy, the best option is to put it in a laundry bag & delicate cycle on your washing machine.

3.How do i hang Muna Pleats ?
After washing, hanging to dry without using clipping tools will be the best way to prevent marks for the pleats.

4.How do i iron Muna Pleats ?
Our Muna Pleats should be completely ironless. But if there are still folding marks or simply you just enjoy ironing, using a steamer is best to maintain the pleats of the pleats.

What's in the box

1 piece of hijab